Sunday, December 18, 2011

Coffee Table Turned Bench

I forgot to take before pictures of the coffee table before it became a bench.  It was ugly and brown and the top was really beat up.  I got it for $9 on Craigslist, of course.  Here is the finished product in the guest room.

I first got the idea to do this project from  I came across her blog a long time ago while looking for bedskirt ideas and had been on the lookout for a cheap coffee table since.  Once I'd finished mine I looked up her blog again and can't believe how similar the tables are!  I really like the pleated slipcover and might make one of those too!

Here is how it looks with the bed.  Now I just need a headboard.

And notice the bedskirt - that's the one I copied from

Here is the picture I copied it from.  I didn't even realize until I was almost done sewing mine and went back to the picture to see how long I should make the pleats that I used the SAME FABRIC!  Just in a different color.  I found mine in the remnants section at Hancock Fabrics and liked it so I bought it without knowing what I would do with it.  

Updated Telephone Table

I found this telephone table on Craigslist and thought it would be great in our family room. It turned out not to work so I decided to redo it and put it in Margaret's room.

Here is how it looked when I got it.

This was my inspiration (from

A little sanding and priming...

Several coats of paint in "Ballet Slipper" pink...

And it's ready for Margaret to sit and chat in. In about 10 years.