Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Success

This isn't the first piece of ugly furniture I've redone, but it's the first I'm really happy with. I can't believe how much I've learned about painting in the last three months. My first project was painting Missy's crib and I just bought latex paint and slapped it on. No sanding, no priming, no sealer. I didn't know why the paint wouldn't stick! Ahhh... such an amateur. Now that I think about it, I should probably redo the crib before Missy starts sleeping in it... Anway, here is a very ugly cabinet I found on Craiglist for $20. It's MDF with veneer - a combo that always makes me cringe. It was a good learning piece since I didn't really care if I ruined it.

My inspiration was this old cabinet from my parents garage that I repurposed to hold our TV. The distressing on this one is authentic! I love the color of blue with the wood showing on some parts.

So I mixed up off-white paint with some Disney's Bother Free Blue (the color I used on the crib). I started with a shellac-based primer because of the veneer. It sticks to anything, and you don't have to sand! Then painted my light bluish-green color on, distressed it, and covered with clear and then dark wax.


  1. You did a a great job! It looks awesome! Pretty good deal on it too.