Sunday, February 12, 2012

Redo redo

Well, I couldn't move on.  There's nothing more aggravating than working on a project that doesn't turn out the way you want it to.

So I redid it again. I had covered the batting with an off-white fabric before putting on the burlap since the burlap was such a loose weave that you could see the batting through it. I decided I liked the fabric better than the burlap so I just took off the burlap. I wanted to try the tufted look since I was considering making a tufted headboard for the guest room. Now I'm not. 

It was a huge headache getting the buttons together with the fabric tucked in.  Finally I got all 10 done.  Then as I was putting them on my 2 year old climbed on the cushion with his shoes on, which were covered in yellow playdoh.  As I was washing that out, the water slowly seeped across my fabric, erasing my carefully marked button spots. 

I should mention that I know nothing about using covered buttons. I thought using yarn would work.  On my second button I realized it wouldn't.  And apparently my buttons weren't very sturdy either.  The yarn broke and my button popped apart.  It was one of those days when I had to just go hold my 4 month old daughter to remind myself that everything was okay!

I tested my first button to see if it was still together well and, nope, the top popped right off. 

I probably should've given up at this point.  But instead I Gorilla Glued them all together, bought some upholstery thread and needles, and got them all in.  Once I had the right tools it was actually not that bad.  But not easy enough to want to do a headboard full of them. 

So...the finished project (for now).

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  1. It turned out great - and you did the buttons perfectly! This project would be perfect for our new linky party featuring "Transformations" called Repurpose-Remodel-Reveal, I know our readers would love to see it too! (It starts Friday, March 2nd 2012 at 7:00 am MST and reoccures every 1st and 3rd Friday)

    -Whitney @ TheRoosterAndTheHen