Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Burlwood Table

I found this table at my favorite thrift store.  Usually their furniture is priced ridiculously high, but this one wasn't marked so I asked how much it was and one of the ladies there said it was $16.91.  It seemed like a really random number, but it was a good price.  A piece of veneer was broken off the edge and the lacquer was in bad shape, but it was at one time a high quality table and I liked the shape.
I think it's burlwood veneer. 

I would have liked to keep the veneer on the edge but this little piece was missing so I had to remove it all along the edge.  This wasn't especially easy.  It involved a lot of careful ironing on a wet cloth since I didn't want to take off the veneer on the middle or sides. 
There were some gold foil designs on the top that were also a pain to get off.  It took a whole can of lacquer remover to get all the finish off so I could sand it down. 

Once it was sanded, I used a dark stain (although it didn't take much stain) and then applied a dark wax.

The wood turned out really pretty and even the edge where the veneer is missing looked okay.

I painted the base with my greenish mistint color that I've named Garden Shed Green.

I distressed it lightly and kept the hardware as it was.

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  1. the top of that table is beautiful! and i love the color- great combo!

  2. A lot of work but that wood is too beautiful to cover w/ paint. Love your color choice too!