Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gary's Toddler Bed

Gary has been out of his crib for a few months now, but rolls around so much he couldn't stay on a bed.  So he's been on foam pad on the floor.  Kyle really wanted him to have a bed so we built him one with rails all the way around. 
We started the bed a while ago, but had some table saw trouble halfway through so it was delayed for a few weeks, but finally all came together last weekend.

The side boards and rails are from a tree from the ranch. A beaver had cut the bottom of the tree so Kyle brought it to Hutchinson when we were living there.  We had the wood milled by a neighbor in who had a portable mill and it's been moving with us since then. Finally we had a use for it!  We had to sand it down a lot to get it smooth. It still looks a little rough in spots and has a few saw tooth marks but I kind of like that it shows the history of the wood.  It's beautiful wood so we didn't want to paint it. The posts are leftovers from Camy and Cliff's deck and they didn't look good with the ash boards so we painted them white.
We told Gary it was going to be his bed.  It was just boards and posts for so long I guess he thought this was what he would be sleeping on! 

The finished product with all his animals.

He likes it.

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  1. What an awesome bed! I did all the tables for our house, so I really appreciate this piece.