Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Vaulted Ceiling

I took off 3 days after finishing painting the built-ins before I decided I couldn't stand the dark PAINTED brown wood beams and yellowed popcorn ceiling.  Nothing is more awful than wood that's painted brown.  Why would you paint wood brown?  It's already brown.  

This picture makes me shudder.
The beams are rough so they took tons of paint.  I had to do two coats of primer and two or three coats of paint.  And my ladder was barely tall enough to reach the high point.  With a big pregnant belly almost knocking off the paint bucket every time I moved.  And two little kids climbing up the ladder behind me with chisels and hammers.  Waaaah...waaah.

Two sections done.  

Me looking awesome, as usual, with my new brad nailer.  This is how I "nest".  
The kids eventually got used to the compressor running in the living room and the blasts from the nailer.  

Anyway, it's all done now!  It only took a couple weeks.  

It's hard to photograph a ceiling.

Now I just need to find some new shades for the fan lights.  And maybe matching bulbs.


  1. I can't even believe you did all that yourself. I am so impressed and it looks awesome:)